Herrnbräu Tradition

One of the heritage-richest breweries in Bavaria, Herrnbräu, is situated in Ingolstadt - the city in which the Bavarian duke Wilhelm IV signed the German Purity Law in 1516.

The brewery dates back to the 17th century when a couple of breweries united and founded the Aktienbrauerei Ingolstadt. In 1882 Herrnbräu resulted out of a fusion. For over 130 years now, Herrnbräu stands for beers of highest quality. The recipes have been passed on for generations. The Bavarian Purity Law celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2016 and on this occasion the brewery Herrnbräu launched the "Herrnbräu Jubiläums-Sud". Brewed according to an old-school recipe, all raw materials used come from the region around Ingolstadt. The Tradition beer is slightly sweet up front and all the way into the faintly spicy and bready aftertaste. Grassy and nutty notes appear earlier on, with grassy hops lingering on. Clear golden body with loads of visible carbonation topped by a moderately durable white head that leaves patterned lacing. Medium-light body and medium-high carbonation.


Blau Weisse from castle brewery Hohenthann

Since 150 years they brew high quality beers in Hohentann. Next to traditional styles, this brewery has created a special wheat beer - the BlauWeisse - which we can taste, today out of the calendar.

One month ago - the brewery has won the gold medal with their "Hell" at the european beer star. Today we enjoy the blau weisse - a real speciality from the brewery, that is only brewed 3 month the year. For the brewers advent calendar they have brewed a special sud. 2017 the blau weisse was presented at the brewer's advent calendar in the german edition - available in Germany. The beer was so popular, that this year, the brewery has created with Kalea a special edition in the can. Check out the video with Martin: https://youtu.be/M9OZGNmtfLw


Publiner - From the oldest brewery: Schlossbrauerei Herrngiersdorf

The brewery Schlossbrauerei Herrngiersdorf exists since 1131.The castle brewery is founded in Gießtorf by the Benedictine nuns of the monastery Geisenfeld to provide the extensive possessions in the area with its own brew.

With the Publiner, the Schlossbrauerei Herrngiersdorf is trying to celebrate the irish culture of beer brewing where half of the alcohol consumed there is beer. Historically Ireland produced ale without hte use of hops, which was imported from England in the 18th century. A century later, Ireland was exporting more beer to England than it imported. The Publiner is a Chestnut-amber colored, unclear beer with medium-sized and slowly collapsing creamy beige head; mild to moderate sweetish caramelly and bready nose with a certain fruitiness; mild sweet and slight bitter flavor, almost medium bodied and a bit fizzy, shorter and drier sweet-bitter finish.


Rate and win the Brewer's Advent Calendar Edition 2019

The advent 2019 is coming! Take the chance and safe or win a calendar of the 2019 edition!

We hope you have fun with your calendar and you enjoy the information we deliver with this APP. To improve the calendar from year to year we need your help. Rate all the beers out of the calendar - thanks of your ratings we know, which beers are great and which beers will be kicked out for the coming year edition. Every year we improve the calendar with new beers. With the new german beerspecialities and with the most popular ones from this year, we can garanty, that the quality of the calendar is improving from year to year. To keep you motivated, we would like to give away 10 calendars of the 2019 edition under all "BeerTasters", that have rated all beers out of the 24 beers from this year calendar. We will pull the winners end of january, because many new BeerTaster will become the calendar as X-Mas gift. The winners will be contacted by mail and be mentioned here in the APP. The new calendar will then be delivered in november 2019. biersinnliche regards Your BeerTasting Team


200 years of brewing tradition: Kauzen Bräu

Per year, more than 100,000 hl of drinks are produced in the highest quality through selected raw materials and permanent control

70% of the drinks come from Kauzen beer and 30% from Libella branded beverages. Eleven times, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) honored the Ochsenfurter Kauzen Bräu with the "Prize of the Best" in gold - a fabulous 23 times the brewery received the "Prize for Long-standing Product Quality". The most recent award took place in 2015. The Ochsenfurter Kauzen-Bräu is since 1.8.1972 member of the German brewing cooperation and the free brewers, as well as the community Mainfrankenbier. The brewery has been a founding member of the Bavarian Brewery Association since 1880 More inforamtion: https://youtu.be/arvNTO9EL4g


You will love it or hate it - A Rauchbier

A Rauchbier is a speciality - a smoked bakon. Check out this beer with your friends, by having a BBQ. This beer will propably have the most reactions of this year advent calendar.

10-20 hectoliters of beer are produced here weekly, strictly according to the German Purity Law. The brewery in Zwönitz is located west of Chemnitz, in the heart of the Erzgebirge. The private brewery Zwönitz has been family-owned since its founding in 1997. The brewery attaches importance to high quality ingredients. So only special malts from the Bamberg Malzfabrik Weyermann are used. In addition, attention is paid to the selection of the hop varieties used. Every year, 2,000 hl of beer are brewed in the Zwönitz brewery. The brewery gained particular prominence with its fine smoked beer and more recently with "Hörnchen", a pink Weissbier cyclist, with the Zwönitzer the general unicorn hype. Find out more: https://youtu.be/5K9-gd-n94o


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  • Perlenzauber

    Perlenzauber is the Gipsy Brand of Kalea. Every year this beer is brewed by another brewery or brewer. (Picture shows: Peter Reimann, Founder of Kalea; Frank Lindemann, Brewmaster of Herrnbräu; Martin Voigt, Blogger)

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